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Where to Buy

Barkleys Mints are available in more than 50 countries.


Depending on the local situation in your country, Barkleys Mints may be available at Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Drugstores/Pharmacies, Coffee shops, Department stores, Tobacco shops, Candy shops, Kiosks, Book stores, Petrol stations, etc.


If you would like to see where Barkleys Mints are available in your country, please have a look at your local Barkleys website: https://www.barkleysmints.com/local


If your country is not on the list of countries, please send an e-mail to:  info@barkleysmints.com



As an alternative, you may wish to buy Barkleys Mints online. Below are some online shops where you can order:










This is just a small selection, there are many other webshops which suppy Barkleys Mints.