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Tastefully Intense…

BARKLEYS Mints have that spicy and sparkling intense flavor no other brand has. Whether it is Barkleys Peppermint, Cinnamon, Wintergreen or Liquorice, they all have that special Barkleys flavour. The recipes of Barkleys Mints have taken years of development to get that unique Barkleys taste: a rich intense taste with that spicy punch. A truly unique refreshing, intense, spicy flavor. That is what we call Tastefully Intense.

How to Enjoy…

There are two ways to enjoy a Barkleys Classic Mint. First, you can let it slowly melt in your mouth. In this way, you will enjoy the flavours fully. The taste will be rich, but not too strong. The second way is to bite your Barkleys Classic Mint. In this way, you will enjoy an explosion of flavours. Strong, intense and spicy. For some people, the second way of enjoying Barkleys is a bit too much, especially for a flavour like Cinnamon or Ginger. In that case, just take it easy and enjoy your Barkleys Mints slowly. It is all up to you.

Barkleys Classic Mints

Classic Mints

BARKLEYS Classic Mints is a classic range of tastefully intense mints…

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Barkleys Mini Mints

Mini Mints

BARKLEYS tastefully intense mints are also available in Mini size!…

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Barkleys Chocolate Mints

Chocolate Mints

BARKLEYS Chocolate Filled Mints is a range of luxury…

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Barkleys Gourmet Mints

Gourmet Mints

BARKLEYS Gourmet Mints is a specialty product line for the connoisseur…

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Barkleys Bio Organic Mints

Bio Organic Mints

BARKLEYS ORGANIC Mints are certified organic, which means that the…

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Barkleys Liquorice Pellets

Liquorice Pellets

A range of traditional liquorice pellets, coming in 4 variants.  …

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Barkleys Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

BARKLEYS Intense Chewing Gum is a unique range of Gum with the famous…

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